Dry bags are worth their weight in gold. Because your in business I’m concluding you are dressing appropriately for work. However, Florsheim’s for men and heels for ladies won’t cut it if you have to walk long distances after a disaster.

Contents of urban dry bags will vary based how far you have to walk, the environment, and  weather conditions. Once you load the dry bag it will roll down and snap together, ensuring things will stay dry.

. Footwear suitable for walking on roads and off road.
. Stuff a cushioned pair of socks in each shoe. You’ll be glad you did.
. Gloves are a must. You may have to move junk out of your way, or you may have to lend aid to someone else.
. Area map. Yes you know the way home but road closures and obstacles may divert you to an alternate route.
. Hat to protect you from the sun.
. Hoodie for the cold weather.
. Sunglasses…..not only sun protection but they’ll act like safety glasses.

Amazon has a number of Dry Bags. Sizes are 5L/10L/20L/30L/40L. Click the dry bag link to the left to see their dry bags.

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